Monthly Decals Subscription - $1 for the first month

Decal is an adhesive vinyl sticker that you can apply to any surface. This would not get removed easily however this is not permanent either so you can definitely clean up later. 

First month price is $1. From second month it will be $6.99 (Shipping included). You can cancel any time. 

Every month we will deliver you a decal. Every month we will have a theme phrase/word suitable to that months popular day. 

Size of the decal will be roughly 3x2. It may go up or down depending upon the phrase or word. Once you receive it, you need to remove the paper from adhesive side, use a credit card to swipe and stick it to the surface you want. You need to make sure, no air bubble exists. We will share a video of it on our Instagram page @u_sketch_v_etch

shipping is included in the price. Attached pictures are just two examples with my name