Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt (I promise to be a C Student - Tree Green on Grey)

A beautiful hand lettered printed hood.

Our Brand is about embracing various fears that our inner self keep bringing to us. It scares us from mistakes, failures and keep telling us that our work is Messy and we are not ready. It tells us that we are NOT good enough. We have to embrace this fear by telling ourselves that we are humans. We make mistakes, we fail and our start is always messy. We are made to learn from our mistakes and improve the Messy work over time. 

Wearing these quotes on your chest will keep reminding you that you have to move on despite all the artificial fears that our brains keeps bringing to us. These quotes do bring mental power as these make us feel that others gone through 

If we keep waiting for perfection, we will miss our goals and dreams. We are humans. We are supposed to make mistakes and have Messy start and overtime learn from our mistakes and improve. 


Our brain wants us to be 'safe' and 'comfortable' but growth does not come from comfort. We need to continuously embrace these fears and do it while still scared & 'Do it Messy'. Seeking perfection always  

Sizes (Inches)

19.25 21.25 23.25 25.25
26.38 27.5 28.63 29.75