Half Sleeve T-shirts (Any color) with Design/Logo printed on one side only. 

       1 Shirt : From $18.50 Each

       2 Shirts: From $16.50 Each

       3 Shirts:  From $15.50 Each

       4 Shirts:  From  $14.50 Each

       5 Shirts or More: From $11.50 Each

 * Full Sleeve T-shirts (Any color): $1 Additional

Polo Shirts (Any Color): $3 Additional at least(Depends on the quality of the fabric)

* Above Prices are for Sizes S-XL. For larger Sizes (2XL, 3XL etc) additional $2-$4 apply, depending upon the size. 

* We DO NOT charge separately for the 'Design' or 'Logo' if it is low to Medium complexity. However if graphics design takes longer we will charge you $25 per hour. If you dont have a logo and want us create your logo, it will be $25 per hour. 

* For prices on other apparels (hoods, Tanks, Masks etc) please contact us